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Whether you’re just starting out as a rider or a seasoned professional, having a poor fit can greatly affect the quality and enjoyment of your ride. While there are many fit services to choose from, Retul fit is the most comprehensive system for connecting bike and rider in perfect harmony. It goes beyond the basics offered by competitors, and is an individualized, scientifically proven system focusing on all aspects of a rider’s position. Designed specifically to help cyclists to ride faster, longer, in greater comfort, and with less chance of injury, Retul FIT has been developed through years of co-operation with BodyGeometry FIT of SBCU and Dr. Andy Pruitt, Ed.D., PA of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine.


Every fit starts with a brief interview between a trained technician and rider that addresses the individual‘s injury history, needs and goals. What follows is a 3-4 hour Retul Fit process will help your Fit Technician fully understand you, your riding and your body’s needs through:

Pre Fit Inter view

The pre-fit interview is intended to be a quickThe pre-fit interview is intended to be a quickscan to sharpen the focus of the physicalassessment. By asking structured questionsrelating to injury history of specific body parts orjoints, the fitter can anticipate problems withflexibility that will affect the rider’s position.

20 and more Point Physical Assessment

This evaluation gains an accurate picture of theThis evaluation gains an accurate picture of theindividual’s flexibility and other physicalattributes, including assessment of footstructure, knee position, spinal curve, shoulderextension, hip flexion and leg length, amongothers.

3D View Analysis

With the last updated technology we canWith the last updated technology we cananalyze the rider’s position with a dynamic andnot static presentation any time while pedaling.The goal is to deliver a correct neutral positionthat’s both powerful and comfortable throughadjustments to seat height, handlebar height,stem length and cleat position etc.

Fit Technician

Bill Kourakos Osteopath DO, Physical Therapist PT, ΜΤ, ΜDT, Certificated Retul & BodyGeometry, Fit Technician

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